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William Wentworth, The Elder, the Emigrant of Exeter, New Hampshire, was cousin of Colonial Governor John Wentworth and pictured here: Royal Governor Benning Wentworth.


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English Lineage begins @1040AD with Reginald de Wynterwade, in 1066 his son Henry de Wyntword was born followed by Michael de Wentworth and then Henry de Wentworth, in 1200AD his son Hugh died and Hugh's first son William Wentworth survived Hugh. Robert was born in 1275AD and he married Emma Woodhouse and they had William who married Beatrice Thakel, and William died in 1309AD outliving his son William who died in 1295AD and was married to Dionysia deRotherfield in 1288. Their child William Wentworth married Isabel Pollington who had John Wentworth and was married to Joan leTyas. Begatting John Wentworth, he married Agnes Dronsfield who produced John Wentworth and this John married Elizabeth Beaumont who had the 15th generation of Wentworth's which are recorded and he married Elizabeth Calverley, their only son was Thomas Wentworth who died in 1522 after being married to Jane Mirfield> and their third son was Oliver Wentworth who married Jane ? and he died in 1588or89. Oliver and Jane's first son was William Wentworth who married Ellen Gilby and he died in 1574 issuing their heir Christopher Wentworth> who was born in 1556 and married Katherine Marbury, their first son was William Wentworth who was born in 1584 and who married Susannah Carter on November 18, 1614 and who had the American Emigrant William >Wentworth who was born on March 15, 1615 or 1616.

Other people I am searching for include: Martha Miller (m. John Wentworth @ 1670), Bethia Fenno (m. Charles Wentworth @1713 in Norfolk, Mass.), Rebecca Shepherd (m. Amariah Wentworth @1740), Mary Fenno (m. Charles Wentworth @ 1772), Judith Blake (m. Melzar Wentworth, Jan. 30, 1825, Rumney, New Hampshire), Eliza Jane Towne> (m. George Washington Wentworth, July 25, 1851, Melbourne, Canada).

My son Carl is among many thousands of 32nd generation Wentworth's who are alive today.

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