Letter from Wesley O'Neall Dicks to Iris Dunn

Augusta, GA
Jan. 23, 1988

Dear Iris:-

Sure hope this year will be better and happier than the one just past. Bernice is recovering nicely from her fall. She has to wear orthopedic shoes for a time, although her foot is much better, and the therapy for her broken shoulder has it almost back to normal after all these months. With all that, our sister-in-law died in Athens, Ga., after a year of lingering, and our brother is now there, nearly ninety years old, and is somewhat confused. We have nurses to look after him around the clock as it is difficult for us to get back and forth. In fact we have been iced in with sleet and snow lasting nearly two weeks which is unusual for our climate, I haven't written lately so am telling you all this so you won't feel neglected. I received a new filing cabinet recently so have been going over my papers trying to get them sorted out while "snow bound" I came across an article about John O'Neall which Miriam sent to me long ago. You may have a copy also, but just in case I am sending it to you.

In this article I noted that John married ( Demaris is scratched out) Mary Rushton in 1848? When 27 years of age she is described (Page 2) as the daughter William and Nancy Ross Rushton of South Carolina. She died several months later leaving a child Sarah, in 1845? This John married Demaris Rushton, first cousin of his first wife and daughter of Joseph and Nancy Rushton of South Carolina. This article has a lot of errors but also apparently some correct information.

(From Jill ~ I don't have this article. Does anyone on oneall email list?)

You will note the dates of these marriages seem reversed. Also Dr. Charles did not live with a cousin there in Kentucky, but the children of the family did seem to visit for considerable lengths of time with relatives. Dr. Charles studied medicine under Dr. Moon, not a Dr. More, in SC. He and his son were both noted doctors and lived near the O'Neall's. The copy of letters from Lark to his brother John, are really very enlightening in many ways, and I was so delighted to have them. I thought the parents of the two Rushton wives of John O'Neall was the information you were looking for, but I may be mixed up about it.

About Lark O'Neall and his title of "Mayor and Lt. Colonel" appearing on the old envelope you sent me I found the following:

(Page 3) In the Annals of Newberry by John Belton O'Neall and Chapman, in the appendix is the following information:

"Appendix" The war with the Seminoles, 1836 after listing names of some participants the captain begins his diary by saying:

" Received orders from Col. Neal on Friday 5th, February 1836 to have my company warned to meet at Teague's Old Field on Monday the 8th, stand a draw to go against the Seminole Indians in Florida. Met agreeable to orders, but did not stand a draw, patriotism was too high, they volunteered", etc The above was copied from p 799 (not numbered) but appearing in the book before 800., Annals of Newberry.

Years ago I wrote to Washington seeking any military record of Lark O'Neall including Seminole Indian War. They said they searched but found none. Since the Teague family and the O'Neall family lived in the same general area I believe the above record relates to Lark O'Neall, I had not asked for "Neal" but in the Will of Lark's grandfather he is refereed to as "Hugh Neal Miller" whereas he was Hugh O'Neall, and occupation, miller and the bottom of the will was signed "Hugh O'Neall." but no where did is appear as such in the body of the instrument. I was always told Lark was in the Seminole Indian War. Is all this "too far fetched"?

Hope we can all get together before too many months.



(Ignore the scratching)

To O'Neall's: For more information on O'Neall history, see our history websites. I put one comment in the body of the letter, it said..... From Jill-....other than that it is all Wesley's writing. I have one more letter to type up, to send to the list, it is from Lark O'Neall to his brother John, in 1869. Well, that's it, I hope it helps someone, I find these narratives extemely wothwhile, as usual send your additions and corrections list wide so the lurkers can benefit too, how about letting us know if this is your line? thanks, Ron O'Neal

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