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My paternal grandmother Martha Emma Riley, left Chicago @ 1900 and settled alone in Hell's Canyon, Oregon, where she built her own cabin for her three young sons all alone, using a pail of water as a level.

Picture of cabin

"Log Cabin in Maxville" is written in Martha's handwriting on the bottom of this picture found in her photo album on a recent GenTrek to Oregon, by our family members. Perhaps this is "her cabin" as there were no others in the collection. She did have lots of pictures taken in the mountains with her son and second husband David Graham. If this was her cabin at Hell's Canyon as the place is now called I would like confirmation from someone in the family with knowledge of the cabin.

Her husband was not with her, he was William Elijah O'Neall, he was born April 1870 in Indiana and married to Martha Emma Riley on December 2, 1897 in Chicago, his parents were John H.Benton O'Neall b. March 1, 1866 and Susan Dyer who died on January 26, 1874, John O'Neall was his father and Annie Chanler was his mother probably alive @ 1840 thru 1900, and John O'Neall's father was Hugh O'Neall who was the emigrant from Ireland @ 1750.

Riley Lineage

Martha Emma Riley was born in Bloomfield, Indiana on February 23, 1878 and died in LaGrande, Oregon on January 18, 1962.

Her father was George W. Riley, born 1859 in Indiana and married to Mary A. Lehman on June 18, 1876.

Mary Lehman's parents were John and Caroline Lehman of Pennsylvania, John born 1835 and Caroline born 1844.

George's parents were John, born 1830, and Margaret, born 1833, Riley, both in Indiana.

John's father was another George W. Riley born in Kentucky in 1795, serving as a Lt. Colonel in the Civil War, his wife Melinda Branham of Lawrence, Indiana, they married on 9/17/1824, his second wife Frances Brannon b 1811 in Tennessee, she lived in Taylor Twp., Greene Co., Indiana, they married on 2/20/1834, four years after John Riley, my ancestor was born.

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