Quaker Abbreviations:

acc accept accepted acceptable

ack mo acknowledged marriage out

ae age

aml announced marriage intentions first time

b born

bur buried

BWMM Black Water Monthly Meeting

BWPM Black Water Preparative or particular Meeting

c. circa (about)

cert certificate

ch child children

clear clearness with respect to marriage

com complained complained of

comm committee

con condemned

d died

dec deceased

dis disowned disowned for

dmi declared marriage intentions first time

dmist declared marriage intentions second time

dt daughter daughters

dtd dated

end endorsed

exms excused from military service

fam family

form former formerly

Frds Friends

gc granted certificate

gct granted certificate to

gc efms granted cert excusing military service

gl granted letter

h husband

jas joined another society

jG joined Gurneyites

jH joined Hicksites

jW joined Wilburites

ltm liberatd to marry or left at liberty to marry

m marry marriage marrying

ma marriage authorized

mbrp membership

mcd married contrary to discipline

MH meetinghouse

mos married out of society

mou married out of unity

mtg meeting

ND MM Northern District Monthly Meeting

ni not identified

nm nonmember

PM particular or preparative meeting

prc produced certificate

prcf produced certificate from

prlf produced letter from

QM Quarterly Meeting

rec received recommended

recrq received by request

relrq released by request

rem remove removed

rem cert removal certificate

rmt reported married to

roc received on certificate

rocf received on certificate from

rol received on letter

rolf received on letter from

rpd reported

rq request requested

rqc requested certificate

rqct requested certificate to

rqcuc requested to come under care (of mtg)

rqlt requested letter to

rst reinstate reinstated

rtco referred to care of

s son

SCV Southampton County, VA

SDMM Southern District Monthly Meeting

uc under care (of mtg)

unm unmarried

w wife

wd widow

WDMM Western District Monthly Meeting

YM Yearly Meeting

O'Neall Quakers

Quaker Membership List, Bush River, South Carolina

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