This Site is a One Name Study WebSite for anyone

Researching the Surname O'Neal or O'Neil or any Variation of Same

Welcome! This Website is the brainchild and creation of Jill O'Neall Ching. Jill spent many years putting the O'Neall/O'Neill Genealogy Website together and making it available to O'Neall researchers. Over the years it has become a formidible web presence and a valuable aid to many researchers. The wealth of information found in these pages has set the standard for others in what to include and how to present a one name study site. Jill is to be commended for the time and effort she put into this project.

In December of 2003, when Jill asked for volunteers to take over her site for an extended period, John W. O'Neal, II, and Jill put their heads together and decided to merge both their sites. While slight modifications in formatting were made to provide continuity with The O'Neal Genealogy Association(TOGA)Website, all of Jill's original work and content remains intact. John did a great job with the site, continuing to add content. Jill has continued to work with O'Neall/O'Neill researchers on a limited basis, and to provide input.

In July of 2006, John found himself in position where he had to relinguish control of the site. I have agreed to continue the efforts of both Jill and John. I only hope I can do as well as my predecessors. My thanks to both of them for the research and hard work that has benefited so many of us.

I look forward to meeting and working with the users of this site. Please let me know if you have any questions or have something you'd like to have added to the site. Ron O'Neal

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