Brug na Boinne



The ancient site of Brug na Boinne in located near the village of Slane, in County Meath, Ireland. In the 14th century this site became known as Newgrange, as it is commonly called today.

Brug na Boinne is the Gaelic name of Newgrange, I have not been able to locate earlier names for this megalithic passage grave cemetery and ceremonial site of ancient Druid culture, which has been carbon dated, with charcoal and bones to approximately 3,000 or 2,500 BC.

During the Neolithic era this site was built by people known as ancient Gaels. Brug na Boinne, or Newgrange was built 1000 years or more before Stonehenge in England, and about 500 years before the Egyptian pyramids. This site has withstood the test of time and humanity in spite of attacks and probably because it was unused for many centuries.

Entrance to Newgrange

An entrance to the passageways of Brug na Boinne. This awe inspiring structure of historic importance could have been used as a megalithic cathedral with many of the era's important individuals buried inside, just who those individuals are is the subject of historical debate. Any information regarding the people of Brug na Boinne would be welcomed by this compiler. We simply do not know what the extent of Brug na Boinne's main use may of been, altho it was indeed a place where the people first began to grow crops, which then they cultivated into foods.

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