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Descendants of John Kennedy


The Hamrick Family: A History
Read about the wagon train referenced below the William Fleece photo

Picture of Margaret Ann Harris Kennedy

Margaret Ann Harris Kennedy

The fancy studio portrait is Margaret, Joseph's wife, with some grandchildren. Holding on her lap is George's daughter, Grace born in 1890. (So this picture had to have been taken about 1891) In the white dress, Thomas' daughter, Winnie. In the black dress, William's daughter Jettie, and in the plaid outfit, Susan Kennedy Cross and John Cross' son Claude. Sorry, no one in the family seems to have had a picture of Joseph. As you know he got killed when he was about 42. His rifle used to be in the possession of one of the other kids but his widow sold it.

Picture of the Cross Family

Cross Family

The Cross family Photo: seated, are John Lewis Cross and Sarah Kennedy Cross. Sarah was born in 1852 in Trenton so she was eleven when the wagon train left Independence. Sarah and John had four children. The girl sitting between them is Vera, born in Tekoa, Washington in 1890. She is my wife's mother and lived to almost 92. In the back row: William born 2/16/1882, in the middle, Claude born 3/13/1888 and Effie, born 9/26/1880.

Picture of William Fleece

William Fleece

Here is a bit more trivia for you on the wagon train. My wife's grandmother was Sarah who was elevenish when they left Missouri. The oldest daughter was Elizabeth, who was 18 when the wagons left. Where they lived, there was one William H. Fleece who was mad about Elizabeth, so, and we are speculating here, when she told him that her parents were dragging her off to California, he said, "I'm going with you." And he went on the same wagon train as the Kennedys although he was not mentioned in the Hamrick journal. Maybe he was keeping a low profile so that daddy Joseph didn't try to stop him. I have no idea whether that is true or not, but here is a picture of William Fleece and his wife Elizabeth Kennedy Fleece. Note the resemblance to her mother Margaret Harris Kennedy. Standing behind them, the youngest daughter, Minnie Pearl Fleece (can you believe the name?) In the middle, son-in-law, George Robbins, and on the right, Mollie Fleece Robins, the older daughter.

Pictur of Susan & Emilus

Susan Frances Kennedy and Emilius L. Young

Susan and Emilius were married on March 4, 1902. Susan was born in 1853, so she was 49 when she married Em. I'm pretty sure this is their wedding picture. She supported herself as a dress maker, and also assuming she made this dress, she was good. Susan was born in 1853, so she was ten when the wagons left. She was the next in line behind my wife's grandmother Sarah. The Kennedy girls were something else. Elizabeth was the hero of the trip. Her dad got killed not far out of town and her mother is pregnant. Here she was, 18 years old, and seven children younger than herself to take care of.

Boring Wedding 4-7-11

Vera Ann Cross and Robert Sands Smith

Shown in the Cross Family photo is Sarah Kennedy Cross and John, with Vera sitting between them. The picture directly above is Vera's wedding picture. She was married to Robert Sands Smith in Boring, Oregon April 17, 1911. This is my wife's mother and father.

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