A Letter from Judge John Belton O'Neall of South Carolina

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"Columbia, S?C.

May 13, 1854

To Mr. George F. O'Neall,

My dear Cousin:

Your letter of the 2nd of March reached my residence Springfiled, Newberry while I was absent on my spring circuit as inferior? Judge. I didn't reach home until 15th of April, etc.


I remember your father, etc

My Great Grandfather, Hugh O'Neall was, as I have always understood, a midshipman in the British Navy when he jumped overboard and swam ashre in Delaware. He was a younger son of the house of Lord O'Neall of Shane's Castle, Ireland. The tradition I am told in the family in Ireland is that such a person was ?. To escape detection he varied the final e into an l. He never had any correspndence with his family. Our grandfather, Wm. was his oldest living son. The Lord O' eall of the present day is John B? O'Neall. He is a bachelor of about 70 years. On his death the title and estates go to some colateral branch until our families could claim. I know of no way of establishing the connection. It may be that some of the old family records, the bible or something of that kind, may be in your grandfather's family.

I am glad to hear of your Uncles, etc.

(Signed) John Belton O'Neall

Address me at Newberry, So. Car.

(Original in possession of Wm. O'Nealls of Orlando.)"

Note from Jill O'Neall ~ Judge John Belton O'Neall is the author of "The Annals of Newberry."

The above is everything written exactly as it is in this copy of this letter, sent to me by Iris Dunn born 1906. This letter says COPY at the top and is a poorly typed version, with portions left out of the text. Does anyone know where the intact, full text, original letter is now? Also is George F. O'Neall the one who married Lucy Singleton? If so he was a first cousin, once removed.

Please write to me: Ron O'Neal

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