"A Journal of our Travels across the Mountains to California"


The Overland Trail Journal of an American Emigrant and His Family

"Following is an account, copied word for word from notes made in pencil in his notebook, by my grandfather, George R. Hamerick, of travel by wagon train from Missouri to California in 1863. George M. Taylor"

Accidental shootings! Broken ox wagons! Indians on the trail ! Bad water! Crippling wagon wheels! Mountain fever! Abandoned children! Lost cattle! Baby's Born! Beautiful scenery! Triumph at the End of the trail! All this and more in George's Journal from the Trail !

Scroll down for each month of George's journal and links which attempt to interpret the information, also included in attached notes are links to other Internet websites which have maps and more information about the places the Hamrick's travelled along the way.


Jill O'Neall Ching

George's Overland Trail Journal:

April of 1863

May of 1863

June of 1863

July of 1863

August of 1863

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