John Henry Benton O'Neall, Son of John Frost O'Neall John H. Benton O'Neall b 12/1/1839 in Cass Township, IND. Colonel O'Neall served in 77th Cavalry, 4th Regiment of Indiana, 134th. He was 5'6" tall, had blue eyes and bonde hair and was a farmer.

He married Susan C. Dyer on 3/1/1866, she born 7/4/1851 and they had children: John F. O'Neall b 12/24/1866 d 1/25/1867 Charles H. O'Neall b 2/1/1868 d 1/10/1911 Chicago, IL, nicknamed "Cotton" William Elijah O'Neall b 4/14/1870 Indiana m 12/2/1897 Martha Emma Riley in Chicago, Illinois

Susan Dyer O'Neall then gave birth to Lionel B. O'Neall on 11/3/1873, Susan then died on 1/26/1874 and then Lionel died on 3/30/1874.

John H. Benton O'Neall married after 8 years to: Arlena Carroll b 7/8/1858 d 8/7/1910. They married on 2/9/1882 in Mineral City, IND and had 7 children: Elmer O'Neall b 12/3/1882 d 1964 Lee Carroll O'Neall b 10/15/1884 d 1956 John Frost O'Neall b 9/19/1886 d 1965 Ethel O'Neall b 4/10/1888 d 1892 Raymond O'Neall 3/27/1891 d 1892 b 8/12/1895 O'Neall Mary O'Neall b 7/30/1894 m Mr. Tolliver Lexie O'Neall (male) b 8/12/1895 d 1910

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