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Subscribing to a surname list:

To subscribe to the O'Neall list follow these directions.

Send an email to ONEALL-REQUEST@rootsweb.com

Leave the subject line blank and in the body of your message type in lower case: subscribe

You should get a message indicating you've been subscribed then you can post your messages to ONEALL@rootsweb.com

Here are the guidlines for this list:

NO attachments are to be sent to the list, if you have an attachment which you feel could benefit others send a message that you have such and such info in attachment form and WAIT for individuals to request your info then make sure you send it only to the individual, never to the list.

Share as much information as you can. Be polite and courteous, don't argue, fight or proselytize. Discussions should take place with a great deal of tolerance for ideas and persons. Personal attacks and counter attacks are not permitted, challenge ideas but not people. Namecalling or implying in any way that someone is childish or not a "good" researcher is strictly prohibited. Passing judgment on another is not done on this list. If someone insults someone, consult the list administrator directly and it is the list administrator who will remove the person from the list after a warning has been given. Flames are NOT allowed on these lists. There are no exceptions.

On the subject of NETiquette:

If you are discussing information from a previous post quote it. Do not post personal email unless you have the senders permission, the exception is mail that has already been posted to another regional or surname list which has surnames we are searching which could be germane, these posts can be posted since they have already been publicly posted. Do not post individuals phone or addresses to the list. As in genealogy, sincere effort for truth is required. Posts should include your true name. Please provide sources when they are available, do not challenge anothers research unless your sources are included, in the case of obvious conflicting sources agree to disagree.

Introducing yourself to the group:

You are encouraged and invited to introduce yourself and may wish to post your lineage frequently, because listmembers come and go frequently. The more information you share the better the chance of connecting with another listmember.

Topic of the lists:

Family history, genealogy, history of the lives and times of the ancestors, any websites which include research. Also permitted are offers to copy information for others, personal research, and cost reimbursement of same.

Off topic are NOT to be discussed or posted :

Solely commercial ventures, unsolicited offers to be hired as a paid genealogist, any advertisment of wholely commercial sites. Any discussion on appropriateness of any posting will be decided by the list administrator.

The Mission:

This list is provided as a forum for a focused supportive community, for discussion, and not argument, of the genealogy and family history of the O'Neall and Hamrick surnames, this includes all variant spellings including O'Neal, O'Neill, Neale, Neal, O'Neil and for the Hamrick list includes the variant spellings of Hemric, Hambrick and more. This discussion should have the warmth of a family reunion and the objectivity of a college history course.

Enjoy! I am glad you are with us in the quest for genealogy and family history! Remember to smile as you post, we are here to help and be supportive of one another in seeking our histories, examine your personal motives and if you are here for any other reason you should unsubscribe immediately. Post with love, compassion and joy in your heart. These are requirements for membership on these lists.

Send questions to Ron O'Neal

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