O'Neal and O'Neill's in the Civil War: The South

Confederate O'Neal's

This site is dedicated to all those named O'Neal or O'Neil or any such spelling,
who served in the Confederacy.

Alabama to Kentucky

Louisiana and Maryland

Mississippi to Tennessee and CSA

Texas and Virginia, at the end of this website

Here are some of the O'Neal's who were from Confederate States. This info sent to O'Neall Mail List, by various researchers.

Contact each researcher for more information.

Submitted by Bruce Daniels on 15 Jul 2006 brucedaniels@mindspring.com

Leander Taylor O'Neal from Carroll County Virginia
Company A, 3rd Confederate Engineer Troops
Formerly known as Preastman's Battalion Engineer Troops
Enlisted October 1863
Discharged February 1865

Submitted by Pat O'Neal on Feb 21, 1998 ono221@aol.com
There were nine O'Neal boys from this Bates County Missouri family that served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

They were:
(1) William P. O'NEAL b: Feb 23, 1831;
(2) John Y. O'NEAL, b:Feb 10, 1823, killed at Vicksburg Mississippi;
(3) Claiborne C.S. O'NEAL, b:Jan 3, 1837, died Sept 5, 1864, Battle of Lovejoy Station Georgia;
(4) Barton W.S. O'NEAL,b:Dec 14, 1846, d: Sept 13, 1908;
(5)Oscar A. O'NEAL, b:Sept 16. 1839, died, Oct 5, 1864, Battle of Altoona, Ga.;
(6) Richard G. O'NEAL, b:Nov 18, 1833, died in unknown Civil War battle;
(7) George M. O'NEAL, b: July 25, 1829;
(8) Epaminondas Pelopidas "Pete" O'NEAL, b: Oct 12, 1840, d: Feb 14, 1911; and
(9) S.A. O'NEAL. S.A. O'NEAL was a member of Parson's Brigade of the 16th Missouri Infantry, Company 1.S.A. moved from Bates to Washita County, Oklahoma after the Civil War.

From: Dot Tribble The following O'Neals served in the 15th MS Infantry, Company E.
Called the McClung Rifles, the unit mustered into state service 25 Apr 1861 from Duck Hill in Carroll County MS.
O'Neal, Asa E.,Pvt
O'Neal, Jefferson E, Pvt
O'Neal, LH,Pvt
O'Neal, Robert F,Pvt
The company roster and additional information of the Fighting Fifteenth can be found at:http://web2.airmail.net/phi868/wigfall.html 

From: Dennis O'Neal.

List of O'Neal soldiers Confederate States I received this list from John King of Clarksville AR.

 This list doesn't mean that these O'Neal/ O'Neall's were from AR. If they even served in AR they are listed here. Hope this may help.

Sgt. A.H. O'Neal, Co. B 10th AR. Militia (National Guard)
Corp. Benjamin O'Neal, Co. I 38th AR. Inf.
Pvt. C.B. O'Neal (old) 27th AR. Inf.
Sgt. C.H. O'Neal Co. K 24th AR. Inf.
Pvt. E.W. O'Neal Co. E 19th Dawson's AR. Inf.
Pvt. F.M. O'Neal Co. E 15th (Johnson's) AR. Inf. & also served Co. H 2nd Ar. Inf.
Pvt. Harrison H. O'Neal Co. C 2nd Bl. AR. Inf.
Pvt. Henry O'Neal Co. K, F&S, 5th Ar. Inf.
Pvt. J.A. O'Neal, Co. C Hardy's Reg. Ar. Inf.
Pvt J.M. O'Neal, Co. E 1st AR. Cav.
Pvt. Jasper O'Neal Co. B (old ar.) which was a N.G. outfit and changed to Co. E 27th Ar. Inf.
Pvt. Jesse B O'Neal Co F 16th AR. Inf.
Pvt John O'Neal was with Co. C 1st Mounted Rifles ( note more info on this O'Neal)
Pvt. Martin V.B. O'Neal, Clarkston's Btry, Lt. Arty, (note more info on this O'Neal)
Pvt. Micheal O'Neal, Co. A 13th AR. Inf.
Pvt. S.E. O'Neal, Co. D 10th AR. Inf. and 26th AR (note more info on this O'Neal)
Pvt. T.A. O'Neal Co. E 62nd AR. Militia.
???. T.F. O'Neal 1st AR. Cavalry. (note more info on this O'Neal)
Pvt. Thomas B. O'Neal Co D and C of Wright's Reg. Cav.
Pvt. W.R. O'Neal Co D 24th AR. Inf. and Co C Hardys Reg.
Pvt. D.W. O'Neal Co I 36th AR. Inf
Lt. Col. J.M. O'Neal Co. F & S ( note more info on this O'Neal)
Pvt. Samuel O'Neal 15th Josey AR Inf.
Pvt. T. O'Neal Co. F 2nd AR. Inf.
Pvt. H.M. O'Neal Co. B 1st Monroe's AR. Cav.
Pvt. O.J. O'Neal Co. D 32nd AR. Inf.
Pvt. Sidney O'Neal Co. A 3rd AR. Inf
??? Samual O'Neal Co F&S

The following Confederate's were submitted by Malinda O'Neal:

Muster Roll of 19th. AL Infantry Regiment: Aug. - Oct., 1861

O'NEAL, James Private Co. F, Aug. 15, 1861, Will's Valley, AL
O'NEAL, Joseph Private Co. E, Aug 12, 1861, Kirk's Grove, AL

The following were contributed by Colleen Hendry Smith

from websites located at:

8th Alabama

O'Neal, Jesse Co. E Private
O'Neal, John Co. E Private
O'Neal, Thomas Co. E Private
O'Neill, Cornelius Co. C Private
O'Neill, George Co. I Private

The 4th Alabama Cavalry includes these O'Neal's:



 submitted by Linda Green, LindaG@mastmail.ha.osd.mil, Sep 3, 1997
Archivist: Richard White, al@usgenweb.com

 O'Neal, G. W. Co. C Private



Submitted by Linda Green, LindaG@mastmail.ha.osd.mil, Sep 3, 1997

Archivist: Richard White, al@usgenweb.com

ONeal, A. J. Co. F Private

19th Alabama Infantry O'Neal:

O'NEAL, James Private F Aug 15, 1861, Will's Valley, Ala


Muster Roll of 19th Ala Infantry Regiment Aug 1861 - Apr 1865
Submitted by Richard W. Smart, dsmart@hiwaay.net, October 1997
For more historical and genealogical information on the 19th Alabama Regiment, visit the web page at http://fly.hiwaay.net/~dsmart/original.html

Archivist: Richard White, al@usgenweb.com
O'NEAL, Joseph Private E Aug 12, 1861, Kirk's Grove, Ala; "Detailed for wagon and lost his gun" at Shiloh; Jun 1862 sick at Chattanooga; slightly wounded Jan 3, 1863 at Shelbyville TN; present Apr 1864. Died Jan 8, 1904; buried Friendship Baptist Church, Hwy 93, Cherokee Co.

Source for the following Confederate O'Neal/O'Neil's:
"The ROSTER of CONFERDERATE SOLDIERS 1861-1865" as edited by Janet B. Hewett and printed by Broadfoot Publishing Co. and the National Archives Trust Fund Board. More state lists from this same source are at

More Confederate O'Neil's

Submitted by: Jerry Roebke, (Charles Thomas O'Neill-Romine), the RedHeaded Kraut: GJRoebke@aol.com

State Listings from the above source at:

Alabama to Kentucky

Louisiana and Maryland

Mississippi to Tennessee and CSA

Confederate-O'Neills - TX and VA ONeills

First ~~~~~~~ Last ~~~~~~~ Unit

O'Neil --- Lt.Arty. Jones' Co.
O'Neal A. 20th Inf Co.C
O'Neal A. Cav. Saufley's Scouting Bn. Co.F
Oneal A.J. 13th Vol. 2nd Co.D
O'Neil A.J. 35th (Brown's) Cav. Co.K
Oneal A.J. Cav. Madison's Regt. Co.B
O'Neal A.L. 8th Cav. Co.C
Oneal Absalom 9th Field Btty.
O'Neill Arthur J. 1st (Yager's) Cav. Co.E Cpl.
O'Neill Arthur J. Cav. 8th (Taylor's) Bn. Co.C 1st Sgt.
O'Neal Cornelius M. 30th Cav. Co.G
O'Neill David 6th Inf. Co.C
O'Neil Dennis 1st Hvy.Arty. Co.F
O'Neill Edward 5th Cav. Co.C
O'Neal George R. 30th Cav. Co.G
O'Neill George W. 36th Cav. Co.D
O'Neal H. 13th Vol. Co.B
O'Neal Henry 4th Cav. Co.A
O'Neal Henry F. 18th lnf. Co.B 2nd Lt.
Oneal Henry S. Cav. Baylor's Regt. Co.F
Oneal J.J. 24th Cav. Co.I
Oneal J.L. 13th Vol. 2nd Co.D
O'Neal J.N. Granbury's Cons.Brig. Co.H
O'Neil J.R. 2nd Inf. Co.A Sgt.
O'Neil J.R. 7th Cav. Co.G
O'Neill J.S. 11th Cav. Co.G Sgt.
O'Neal J.W. Cay. Morgan's Regt. Co.F
O'Neal James 17th Cav. Co.C Sgt.
O'Neil James 1st Hvy.Arty. 2nd Co.F
O'Neil James 2nd Inf. Co.A
Oneal James 9th Cav. Co.D
O'Neal James M. 37th Cay. Co.B
O'Neil James R. 2nd Cav. Co.B
Oneil James W. 27th Cav. Co.C
O'Neal Jasper Cav. Bourland's Regt. Co.E Bvt.2nd Lt.
O'Neal Jesse 1st (Yager's) Cav. Co.D
O'Neal Jesse 3rd (Yager's) Bn. Co.D
O'Neal John 22nd Cav. Co.E
O'Neill John 36th Cav. Co.D
O'Neill John 5th Inf. Co.B
O'Neal John Cav. Border's Regt. Co.C,I 1st Lt.
O'Neil John Cav. WaIler's Regt. Co.E
O'Neal John A. 6th Cav. Co.E Bugler
O'Neill John J. 31st Cav. Co.C
Oneal John Wilson 20th Cav. Co.G
Oneil Jonathan 27th Cav. Co.C
O'Neal Joseph N. 18th Cay. Co.K
Oneal L. Augustus 20th Inf. Co.D
O'Neal L.A. 22nd Inf. Co.B
O'Neal M.B.V. 22nd Inf. Co.A
O'Neal M.H. 8th Cav. Co.C
Oneill Miles 36th Cav. Co.D
Oneil Mitchell A. 27th Cav. Co.C
O'Neil N.M. Cav. Hardeman's Regt. Co.E
O'Neal P. 24th & 25th Cav. (Cons.) Co.B
O'Neal Paul 25th Cav. Co.B
Oneil Paul 9th (Nichols') Inf. Co.D
O'Neal Reuben Jamison's Res.
O'Neal Robert 1st (Yager's) Cav. Co.D
O'Neal Robert Cav. 3rd (Yager's) Bn. Co.D
O'Neal Robert N. 30th Cav. Co.G
O'Neil Roger 1st Hvy.Arty. Co.E Cpl.
Oneal S.B. Vol. Duke's Co.
Oneal S.C. Vol. Duke's Co.
O'Neal Stephen 6th Inf. Co.F
O'Neal Stephen Granbury's Cons.Brig.Co.A
O'Neill Thomas I. Lt.Arty. Jones' Co.
O'Neil W Cav. Hardeman's Regt. Co.E
O'Neil W. 7th Cav. Co.G
Oneal Wiley J. 18th Cav. Co.K Cpl.
O'Neill William 12th Field Btty.
O'Niel William 16th Inf. Co.C
O'Neal William 22nd Inf. Co.B
O'Neill William 36th Cav. Co.D
O'Neill William 5th Cav. Co.A
O'Neill William D. 4th Field Btty. Sgt.
Oneal William Silus 20th Inf. Co.D
O'Neil Z.T. 5th Cav. Co.D

Confederate O'Neal / O'Neill's in Virginia

Last ~~~~~~~First ~~~~~~~~ Unit

O'Neill Barney 5th Inf. Co.K
Oneal Benjamin F. 54th Inf Co.D - G
O'Neill Bernard T. 61st Inf. Co.D
O'Neal Charles 54th Inf. Co.C
Oneil Charles 54th Mil. Co.A
O'Niel Charles H. Lt.Arty. Moore's Co.
O'Neill D. 2nd St.Res. Co.E
O'Neal Daniel 22nd Inf. Co.G
O'Neil Daniel 30th Bn.S.S. Co.A
Oneal Denis 33rd Inf. Co.C
Oneal Dennis 18th Cav. Co.D Sgt.
Oneal Dennis 97th Mil. Co.G
O'Neal Dennis 24th Cav. Co.A
O'Neal Dennis Cav. 41st Bn. Trayhern's Co.
O'Neil Dennis Cav. 40th Bn. Co.A
O'Neil Eugene 54th Mil. Co.G
O'Neal Henry 49th lnf. 3rd Co.G
O'Neal Henry St.J. 82nd Mil. Co.A Cpl.
O'Neal Hiram 1st Inf. Co.F
O'Neal Hiram 0. 1st Arty. 1st Co.C
O'neal Isaac W. 54th Inf. Co.D
Oneal J. 19th Inf. Co.D
O'Neal J.B. 5th Cav. Co.B
O'Neal J.H. 3rd Inf.Loc.Def. Co.h
Oneal James Lt.Arty. Fry's Co
Oneal James 36th Inf. 2nd Co.C
O'Neal James 13th Inf. Co.A
Oneil James 34th Mil. Co.B Cpl.
O'Neal James C. 22nd Inf. Co.K
Oneale James W. Cav. 35th Bn. Co.A
Oneal John 36th Inf. 2nd Co.C
O'Neal John 1st Lt.Arty. Co.C 1st Sgt.
O'Neal John Hvy.Arty. 10th Bn. Co.A
Oneel John 51st.Mil. Co.B
Oneil John Cav. Hounshell's Bn. Thurmond's Co.
O'Neil John Cav. Mosby's Regt. (Part.Rangers) Co.G
O'Neil John Lt.Arty. Cayce's Co.
O'Neil John Lt.Arty. Cutshaw's Co. 1st Sgt.
O'Neil John 2nd St.Res. Co.B
O'Neil John 22nd Inf. Co.A
O'Neill John 15th Inf. Co.F
O'Neill John 19th Inf. Co.D
O'Niel John Lt.Arty. Carpenter's Co.
O'Neil John H. 1st Cav. 2nd Co.K
O'Neil John J. 18th Inf. Co.G
O'Niel Joseph 59th Inf. 3rd Co.F
O'Neal Michael 1st Bn.Res. Co.H
O'Neal Michael 34th Inf. Fray's Co.D
O'Neal Michael Prov.Guard Avis' Co.
O'Neill Patrick 46th Inf. Co.E
O'Neel Phelix 48th Inf. Co.H
O'Neal R.J. 3rd Cav. Co.G
O'Neal Simon 5th Cav. 1st Co.F
O'Neil Simon 1st Arty. 2nd Co.C - 3rd Co.C
O'Neal Thomas 7th Cav. Co.F
O'Neel Timothy 37th Inf. Co.D
Oneil Timothy 18th Cav. Co.D
O'Neal William 33rd Inf. Co.C
O'Niel William 61st Inf. Co.A
Oneal William M. 36th Inf. 2nd Co.C

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