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Submitter: Jill O'Neall Ching mauifun@maui.net

My grandfather's cemetery listing:

Charles E. O'Neall buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, LaGrande, Oregon born September 30, 1900 and died March 3, 1987.

My great-great grandfather's burial notice:

John H. B. O'Neall buried at the Bloomfield Cemetery, Bloomfield, Indiana. Born on December 1, 1839 he died on January 2, 1906.

My great-great grandmother's cemetery listing:

Susan G. O'Neall buried at Worthington Cemetery in Greene Co., Indiana born on July 4, 1851 and died on January 26, 1874 she was the wife of John H. B. O'Neall.

Submitter: Dennis O'Neal doneal@cswnet.com

My grandfather's cemetery listing:

Chesley O'Neal buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Logan Co. AR. born Sep. 24, 1888 and died Jan. 06, 1979 his wife Sarah Jane Hughes buried beside him born May 19, 1891 and died April 07, 1984 the were married October 03, 1911 and had 7 children together.

My great grandfather's burial notice:

Henry McGraw O'Neal buried at Crosno Cemetery Franklin Co, AR. born Nov. 22, 1848 and died Feb. 21, 1923 his wife

Martha E. Powell buried beside him born December 24, 1853 and died March 21, 1931 the were married November 04, 1868 and had 15 children together.

My great-great grandmother's burial notice:

Sarah Ann Mcgraw buried at Mt. Hope cemetery Franklin Co., AR. born July 20, 1826 and died Nov. 19, 1891 her first husband

Chesley O'Neal buried at SC. born Jan. 05, 1814 and died Oct. 03, 1850 they were married April 1843 and had 4 children together. her second husband

Alfred Sylvanis Jackson.

I dont know the cem. for my g.g.grandfather Chesley O'Neal other than the state SC. I hope someone reading this might.

Submitted by: MISSEY ON MISSEYON@aol.com

This is located next door to the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Acworth, GA.

John Belton O'Neill b 1822 d 1890

Nancy Blythe b 1824 - d 1853

Mary Albertine Cook b 1836 d1881

Large Monument with O'NEILL. enough grave sites for 8 -10
Foot of JOHN BELTON O'NEILL grave - Father

Foot of Nancy Blythe and Mary Albertine Cook - Mother Wife

I wrote to this church and they found none of the above listed as members as long as their records went back.

I have a family bible that was given to 1st son James Jasper O'Neill who settled in Rome Ga. after the Civil War and his ancestors are still there today. Still carrying on the name James Jasper O'Neill.

Bible states that John Belton O'Neill was born 18 Jan. 1822 Prince Wm.Co. VA, near Dumphries.

Nancy Blythe b 1 March 1824 in Blairsville GA 1st wife
Married 14 Jan. 1841 d in childbirth 11 June, 1853.

Their children were James Jasper b 26 April 1844

Louisa Catherine b 9 July 1846
Louvena Josephine 21 August 1848
Louis Henry 1 August 1850
Lewis b 1853
Mary Albertine Cook b 5 Aug 1836 15 May 1881 b GA Wife married 8 Dec1853-

John B b 20 Feb 1860
George Glenn b 14 Feb. 1862
William b 1865
Albert G b 1868
Mary b 1869
Edgar Loy b 12 Dec 1872 (my GGrandfather)
Edward b 1874
Julian E. b 1875

These families all resided in around Gwinette Co., Cobb Co. and Acworht Ga. Both John Belton O'Neill and son James Jasper served in the Civil War with the rank of Capt.

Submitted by Marjorie O'Neal Yandell van@ziggycom.net

Additions made by Ray O'Neal at roneal@tds.net (in italics)

Kilpatrick Cemetery, Crittenden County, KY; two acres fenced in and surrounded by a large pine forest; approximately one mile east of Cave Springs General Baptist Church in rural Crittenden County (Marion); must walk in across pasture field; many graves marked only with sandstones. Last date on any headstone 1930's.

Mary E. G. O'Neal, wife of Jacson M. O'Neal, November 7, 1819-June 7, 1851
Jackson M. O'Neal, August 13, 1815-November 22, 1874
Sarash J. O'Neal, daughter of J.F. and M.E., May 28, 1866-October 8,1880
Mary E. O'Neal, wife of J.F. O'Neal, October 11, 1848-June 2, 1907
Frank O'Neal (funeral home marker)-no dates visible

Mt. Zion Cemetery, rural Crittenden County, KY, near the small community of Mattoon, KY

J.F. O'Neal (James Franklin), 1879-1971
Katie Shields O'Neal, 1882-1942
P.H. (Peter Hise) O'Neal, June 9, 1851-August 12, 1915
Sarah Josephine (Asher) O'Neal, October 17, 1853- August 9, 1905
Dossie Conger 1873-1949
Clara O'Neal Conger 1872-1955
Nilus A. O'Neal, 1876-1945
Nora O'Neal 1875-1944
Daughter Nellie Myrtle, June 8, 1903-November 13, 1907
Jesse T. Phelps 1881-1954
Mae O'Neal 1887-1977

Pythian Ridge Cemetery, Highway 60, Sturgis, KY, Union County

Mary Belle (Mamie) Simpson O'Neal, 2/18/1879-6/30/1961
Virgil Curtis O'Neal 4/9/1883-1968
Farlie Curtis O'Neal 6/15/1909-4/5/1995

Baker Church Cemetery, Crittenden County, KY

Alvis Virgil O'Neal, Born Oct. 21, 1912 - Died Sept. 23, 1997
Marjorie Earline Samuel O'Neal, Born May 28, 1918 - Died Jan. 9, 1979

Repton Cemetery, Marion, KY, rural Crittenden County, off of Highway 60, on Fishtrap Road

A.T. (Alfred Timothy) O'Neal, September 17, 1840-July 31, 1896
Nancy J. Asher O'Neal, 1850-1939


Louis C., 1876-
Rebecca J., 1872-
Helen E., 1874-
Thomas P., 1880-

The red area I have in common with Marjorie. They are my great grandfather and great grandmother.
Louis C 1876-Married Effie M.  Hanor  b ???? (At Clay KY Odd Fellows Cemetery, 
Webster Co KY). After Louis died Effie married the brother, Thomas P. 1880-  
(at Rosebud Church Cemetery in Crittenden Co. KY on US60)
They had two children:
1. Ellis O’Neal b - ???? d – 7/17/1977 East Alton IL. On 8/19/1931 in Shawneetown IL, 
   he married Ernestine Brown b – 11/25/1913 d – 12/11/2007 in East Alton IL. 
   Both rest at Rose Lawn Memorial Gardens in Bethalto IL. 
   They had two children:
     a. Leonard (Gene) O’Neal b - ???? d - ???? He married Loretta ??.
	      They had two children:
           Living O'Neal (f)
           Living O'Neal (f)
					   Both are married and have children.
     b. Louis C. O’Neal b - ???? d - ???? Married Joanne. 
	      They have three children:
          Living O’Neal (m)
          Living Sparks (f)
          Living Wojciechowski (m)
2. Essel D. b. 8/31/1916 d. 10/1978 US Navy 1938-1942/1942-1945 in 1947 married
   Opal  M.  Martin  b. 6/22/1921 d. 7/20/1999. Both rest at Bordley Cemetery 1 
	 mile north of Pride KY on SR 141.    
	 They had three children:
     a. Anna Fay O’Neal - deceased - 1 yr
     b. Living O’Neal (f)  b.7/2/1948
           She has two step children by marriage
     c. Living O’Neal (m) b. 11/20/1949
		    They had two children:
           a. Living O’Neal (m) b.6/14/1971, has one child:
                a. Living O’Neal(m)
								b. Living O’Neal(f)
					         She has two step children by marriage
I am not aware of the other brothers and sisters listed for A.T. O’Neal and Nancy J. Asher.
(Editor's note: I have removed info about living relatives. Contact Ray O'Neal for additional information.)

Submitted by: Randie O'Neal doxzar@pop.a001.sprintmail.com

The O'Neals buried in Izard Co. Arkansas.

I find 24, 21 buried in Lunenburg Cemetery, 1 buried in Melbourne Cemetery, and 2 buried in Violet Hill Cemetery. As to the specifics:

Additions to list made by Sharon Hunsucker on 20 Mar 2010 hunnys830@centurylink.net


Alva B. O'Neal 1892-1928
Annie O'Neal
Asa Sephas O'Neal 1883-1940
Curtis F. O'Neal
David Crockett O'Neal 18??-1907
Della Maud O'Neal (wife of R. E. O'Neal) 1881-1957
Donna O'Neal (daughter of C. and E. O'Neal) unmarked grave
Elaina G. O'Neal (daughter of Gary & Tilda O'Neal) 1964-1965
Elcenie Adams O'Neal 18??-1907
Elizabeth O'Neal (wife of J. S. O'Neal) 1866-1928
Elizabeth Mynatt O'Neal (wife of Thomas O'Neal) 1869-1931
Haskell P. O'Neal 1911-1995
Infant O'Neal (of Ben and Allie O'Neal) 1922-1922
Infant O'Neal (of Bill and Eliza O'Neal) Unmarked grave
James E. O'Neal 1895-1935
John S. O'Neal 1865-1939
Leeda Mankin O'Neal
Leona Smith O'Neal 1913-2005
Marion C. O'Neal ????-1937
Martha J. O'Neal (wife of M. C. O'Neal) 1859-1939
Nettie O'Neal (daughter of J. S. and E. O'Neal) grave unmarked
Noah C. O'Neal 1895-1955
Orgil O'Neal
O'Neal Mae O'Neal ????-1914
Robert E. O'Neal 1871-1927
Robert H. O'Neal
Ruth O'Neal (daughter of R. E. & D. M. O'Neal) 1920-1929
Willie Edna O'Neal 1888-1949

Melbourne Cemetery

Hugh O'Neal Jul 18, 1900-May 1,1972

Violet Hill Cemetery

Inez O'Neal 1891-1968
L. S. O'Neal 1933-1938

Submitted by Jill O'Neall Ching mauifun@maui.net~

The following are all Indiana Cemetery listings for O'Neall and O'Neill's.

Greene County, Indiana: Gilbreath/Calvin Cemetery, Cass Township, Section 28, located directly north of intersection of County Roads 200W and 700S, about 300 feet off the road.

A sign at the entrance says "Gilbreath".

Extracted from 'Cemeteries of Eastern Greene County in Indiana' The Greene County Historical Society, Bloomfield, Indiana 1994.

Thank you to Judy Jefferson for providing me with these materials for extraction.

Abijah O'Neall 6 Aug 1800 ~ 12 Apr1886
Elizabeth O'Neall 16 Jan 1805 ~ 14 Dec 1863
Anna O'Neall 1 Apr 1800 ~ 21 Oct 1865
John R. O'Neall 30 Sept 1804 ~ 19 Oct 1865 (Extractor believes this to be John Frost O'Neall, buried next to his wife Anne)
Henry O'Neall 10 Jan 1776 ~ 17 Nov 1852
Mary O'Neall 2 Aug 1782 ~ 27 Oct 1845
Abijah O'Neall 6 Apr 1828 ~ 23 May 1843
Emily O'Neall 17 Sept 1833 ~ 23 May 1852
John H. O'Neall 12 Apr 1830 ~ 21 May 1843
Lydia C. O'Neall 10 Feb 1838 ~ 26 June 1839
Sophia O'Neall w/o JM 47 yr ~ 18 July 1854
William C. O'Neall 22 Nov 1825 ~ 3 Feb 1853
Elizabeth F. O'Neall 19 Feb 1833 ~ 9 Sept 1836
L __?__ O'Neall 12 July 1836 ~ 8 Oct 1838

Submitted by Jill O'Neall Ching mauifun@maui.net

The following extracted from 'Cemeteries of Eastern Greene County in Indiana' The Greene County Historical Society, Bloomfield, Indiana 1994.

"Recorded in State Archives as buried at Newberry Cemetery are the following (without markers): Thomas O'Neall Co A 29th Regt Ind Vol Civil War"

Scotland Cemetery, Taylor Township, Section 36, on County Road 200E in the town of Scotland, a brick chapel stands next to the cemetery.

Ellen O'Neal 11 Feb 1817 ~ 31 July 1895

From the source: "Cemeteries of Daviess County, Indiana Compiled 1986-1988 Vol. II"

At the Wesley or Union Chapel "Bunkum" Cemetery, Madison Twp., Daviess Co., Indiana Sec 16, Twp. 5N, Range 5W County Road 1400N. Named for a County in North Carolina from which early settlers came, 1845.

George M. O'Neall Oct. 30, 1942 - June 29, 1933 Civil War Vet
Sabra E. O'Neall Apr. 1, 1846 - Apr. 22, 1924 Wife of George M. O'Neall
Ida O'Neall Aug. 29, 1868 - Jan. 10, 1937
Abijah H. O'Neall D. Mar. 24, 1879 Age 32 y. 17d.

At the Odon's Old Cemetery, Madison Twp., Daviess Co. Indiana, Located in the Town of Odon on East Street South:

Nathan O'Neall Sept., 29, 1842 - Dec. 27, 1904
Eleanor O'Neall Sept. 20, 1838 -
Lora A. O'Neall Feb. 10, 1872 - Dec. 27, 1904

Submitter: Bill O'Neil oneilwd@open.org

My fathers cemetery listing:

William Noal O'Neil Buried at Evergreen Memorial Park McMinnville Oregon
Born August 17, 1909 Chicago IL, Died March 23,1980

Submitter: Colleen McAllister (nee O'Neill)wilmac@chariot.net.au Centennial Park, South Australia.

John Michael(Jack) O'Neill born 19-6-1914. Died: 24-12-1995 Aged 81 years. SX 9080 2/48th Battalion, 9 Div.

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