The Calvert/Hamrick Genealogy Connection

Having recently discovered my connection to the Maryland Calvert Family was an exciting discovery for my neverending quest for interesting and additional family history.

One of my many 10th Great Grandfather's is Sir George Calvert, Knight, 1st Lord Baltimore and Maryland colonizer.

Sir George Calvert

George was the son of Leonard and Alicia (de Crossland ) Calvert and George was born around 1580 in Kiplin Hall, Bolton-on-Swale. At 14 he was at Oxford this was in 1594 and he graduated in 1597. He became secretary to a leading gentleman in English government, Robert Cecil. With Robert as a mentor and with encouragement from King James 1, George attained a seat in Parliament, became a member of Privy Council, and became secretary of state. This much responsibility brought obvious difficulties however, and it became necessary for him to defend James 1's unpopular Continental diplomacy. He also actively examined Irish grievances and acquired knighthood in 1617. He converted to Catholicism, and resigned as secretary of state. As a reward for his services the King titled him Baron Baltimore, and he became the First Lord Baltimore.

Baron Baltimore had been interested in the American colonies for years and had invested in the Virginia Company, located in Jamestown. He was a member of the Council for New England. In 1623 he obtained a charter from to be a founder of a new private colony in Newfoundland, and had feudal control over this land, a medieval authority. This allowed him to award titles of nobility, in his new colony, which he called Avalon. In 1627 he visited Avalon and his wife, Anne Mynne, daughter of George Mynne, Esquire of Herfordshire, went on to Virginia, later her ship was lost at sea. Baron Baltimore, George Calvert found Newfoundland to be a struggling colony and he decided to invest further in Virginia, he was not well received in Virginia and applied for a land grant for an area north of Virginia and he received the land grant for Maryland via his son Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore because George had died. Maryland was named after the new King's wife, Henrietta Maria, Maryland was settled by the Calvert's in 1634 by Cecilius' brother Leonard Calvert who became one of the first settlers of Maryland. Leonard Calvert is my 9th great grandfather.

The Maryland Charter....Charter.

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