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Welcome to the Amador County Cemetery Board Website

Directory of Pioneer Cemeteries in Amador, California

We join with all of the State of California in the Sesquicentennial Celebration by making this preservation project and website available to all interested individuals.

This website is dedicated to our pioneer ancestors, buried in the 21 Amador County Pioneer Cemeteries, the information contained on this website is made available by the Amador County Cemetery Board. If the reader will scroll down, we have included a link to a map of Amador County's Pioneer Cemetery's and the directions to 18 of the cemeteries which are open to the public where some of the more famous residents of the cemeteries, are briefly listed. Our handy map, is courtesy of the Amador Chamber of Commerce.

Preservation of our Cemeteries:

You are urged to join with the Cemetery Board in an ambitious and arguably unprecedented program it has undertaken as part of the Amador County Chamber of Commerce celebration of California's Sesquicentennial in 1998-99.

The Board intends to restore all gravestones in Amador's pioneer cemeteries damaged by vandalism or the ravages of time before the celebration begins.

Ambitious? Yes. And costly!

The Board is confident that in Amador there are individuals, families, communities and organizations that share our conviction that these priceless monuments must be preserved. You are invited to participate in this worthwhile project.

The Board's mailing address and phone numbers are included here. Untold generations to follow will be the beneficiaries of the work to preserve our cemeteries today.

The Amador County Cemetery Board
P.O. Box 636,
Sutter Creek, CA 95685
Cemetery Board Members:

Catherine Cissna (1)
Charlene Hard
Bud Lewis
John Lovell (2)
Gloria Stoddard

The Board, established by the Board of Supervisiors on March 31, 1992, is an advisory body of five appointed members.

It's goal is to preserve and protect the county's cemeteries in recognition of their value as historic monuments for generations to come.

Toward that objective the Board carries on a program of public information to stimulate interest in maintaining and restoring cemeteries.

Map of Pioneer Cemeteries in Amador, California

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